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2011 Photo Hoax Contest Slideshow


Welcome to the photo hoax slideshow for 2011. This year's winner is Kate Davies for he very well executed "Midnight UFO" picture. The picture has all of the characteristics of a "genuine" UFO photo, complete with just a little motion blur. I also like the subtle white beam emanating from the bottom of the craft. Congratulations, Kate.

I would also like to recognize the work of Takeshi Yamada, who every year treats us with his amazing creations. (Takeshi won our 2006 contest.)

Special thanks to Barbara Smith, too, who contributes several amusing photos every year.

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Midnight UFOMidnight UFOBigfoot at Wal-MartBigfoot at Wal-MartAlien on the WireAlien on the WireAlien SkullAlien Skull
Alien Adult and ChildAlien Adult and ChildUFO Over Neighbor's HouseUFO Over Neighbor's HouseMorel SpiritMorel SpiritSan Diego SurpriseSan Diego Surprise
Horned Marsh DragonHorned Marsh DragonHuman-Faced FishHuman-Faced Fish
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