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2012 Photo Hoax Contest Slideshow


Welcome to the photo hoax slideshow for 2012. This year's winner is "Strange Levitation" by Gunther Cox. Not only is Gunther's picture a very well-executed illusion -- it really looks like the items are levitating -- he provides an entertaining story to go along with it.

Many of the other pictures also include great stories that make the photos all the more interesting. Thanks to all who participated.

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Strange LevitationStrange LevitationGrandfather OrbGrandfather OrbHovering LightsHovering LightsHall of GhostsHall of Ghosts
Genetically Modified AppleGenetically Modified AppleCrybaby BridgeCrybaby BridgeSunset UFOSunset UFODemon CatDemon Cat
Extraterrestrial BigfootExtraterrestrial BigfootGhost and UFOGhost and UFOPsychiatric Hospital EntityPsychiatric Hospital EntityBluebell FairyBluebell Fairy

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