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Attic Ghosts


Attic ghosts

Attic ghosts

Asta Killer

"For quite a few nights," says this reader, "I had been hearing this noise in the attic -- right above me. Let me tell you what the noise sounded like. It was... different. It sounded like someone -- or something was walking around up there, but there was a kind of noise that sounded like a mixture of a fighting cat and a horse whinnying. I know you can't imagine what that sounds like right now, but if you heard it, I'm sure you'd describe it in the same way!

"One night I stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live. I heard the noise and decided to go see what it was. So I went out to the garage and stood at the entrance to the attic. The noise grew louder and it sounded like it was running toward the attic door. So I... chickened out of going inside the attic to investigate. (Hey, don't laugh at me. You would've chickened out, too, if you were in my position!)

"I tried to tell my parents about it, but they didn't care. I had been telling my best friend about the noise in the attic since it started happening. So I told her about how I had planned to check it out and then how I chickened out. She wanted to come over to my house and go in the attic with me.

"I was still scared to try to go in there again, but since my best friend would be with me, I thought it sounded like a good idea. So I listened to the noise for another whole week, and then she stayed the night at my house that weekend. We waited until my parents were asleep and then we waited to hear the noise... and we waited... and waited... and waited... and... we never heard the noise.

"We did hear my sister's and parents' snores, but nothing else. We fell asleep trying to listen for it. My best friend was very disappointed when she had to leave the next day.

"I heard it the night after that, but I wasn't going to go up in the attic again by myself! So I decided to take my digital camra and stick it up the dark entranceway of the attic and start taking pictures. After about three pictures, my camera just went dead for no reason, but here is what I got.

"This all happened over four years ago. The house that I used to live in when that happened burned down a little over a year ago. The fire started in the attic."

Thanks for the photos and the interesting story. So are these ghosts? Or perhaps just a trick of light and shadow on some attic insulation? But then what about all the strange noises? Mice? Squirrels? Or are these the faces of the ghostly intruders?

What do you think?

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