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Shadow Hat Man Caught on Camera


Shadow Hat Man

Shadow Hat Man

Russell Fowler

Taken at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

"I was working through my photos and took a while before realizing there was a 'shadow' at the far end of the corridor," says Russell. "Upon zooming in, I thought that the shadowy figure on the back wall was a damp patch on the stone.

"It's not a damp patch; look at the way the 'damp' cuts across the larger stone (as an ex-geo, I found this very odd), and even has an upward element on the 'brim' of the 'hat' (on the right).

"Well, as you sense, we're all mighty confused. Upon entering the dungeon, it was much cooler than outside - obviously - but at the time of taking the first shot I remember a very chill blast, so much so that I looked around after the shot expecting to see a door having swung open to let in the wind. There was nothing."

Did Russell capture an image of the often-glimpsed shadow hat man?

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