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Sioux Spirit picture


Sioux Spirit ghost - a hoax

Sioux Spirit ghost - a hoax


Turns out this is yet another hoax, folks. Thanks to several readers who pointed out that this photo was created with one of the many "ghost apps" available for cell phones. You can see screen shots for this one here. The specific "ghost" is the one in the upper left. No mistake that's what this is. Thanks for keeping us honest and true.

Below is the original write-up for this picture.


"This is a picture and letter sent to us by our by our son and future daughter-in-law," says Tinfun. "She is the assistant prosecuting attorney at this spot, so I feel her to be a reliable source.

This is the letter:

"So Kelsey says that earlier this week at the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Tribal Building [in Rosebud South Dakota], the janitor was working and saw a ghost. Anyways he would not return to the building until the next day when it was full of people working. He had the security people watch the security film from the night before and they got the attached picture from a frame of the video."

As always, we invite readers to give their analysis or opinion of the picture.

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