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Face in the Picture


Face in the Picture

Face in the Picture

from Tracy and Mike
As regular Paranormal.about viewers, we simply had to send you this photograph. Our lodger and I are firm followers of all the paranormal programs on TV and the net, so we thought we would try to capture some orbs or other paranormal occurrences on film in the front room of our house in Suffolk, England. Some hope - or so we thought!

Not having a digital camera on hand, we used his (Mike the lodger's) mobile phone, which has a digital camera attached. The first picture we took was kind of a test picture, to see the quality. It was of me sitting in an armchair under four pictures: top right is of me and my two sisters posing; bottom left is of three different custom cars; top right a close-up of the grill of a custom car; and the bottom right is of me standing in front of a white custom car. Although the photo is very very grainy and of poor quality, we were more than happy and more than spooked with the result! The picture is clear enough to see a face captured in the bottom right picture; it's not my face, nor is it of anyone we know!

Please also notice the brightness and the clarity of the bottom right photo in relation to the other pictures. The only light source in the room was a normal table lamp on the opposite side of the room; the overhead light was switched off; it was nighttime and approximately 10 p.m. The only people in the room were myself in the armchair and Mike taking the picture. Both my kids and my husband were in bed, so no chance of a reflection of someone else then! Mike was sitting on the floor when he took the shot, so also no chance of his face being caught in the frame either. One would assume that all the pictures would be of equal graininess (if there is such a word) and of equal quality!

We were so freaked out by this as it clearly looks like someone trying to gain a better view of us in the room, with their head slightly tilted back, looking down their nose so to speak!

Although I myself am psychic, I only "dabble" so to speak, but do get some fantastic results; so after the initial shock of seeing the face I calmed down, concentrated and realized that I felt this being was kind and not in any way harmful. I also feel that it was an inquisitive child, perhaps a young teenager, and I also get the impression it is a girl. What do you think? We have continued taking photographs, from the same angle, and others but to no avail as yet!

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