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Photo: J.D.
Orbs, orbs, orbs.... Unfortunately, too many ghost hunting groups still latch onto orbs in their photos as evidence of ghostly activity. I think it's because they desperately want to come away from an investigation with some kind of evidence, and because orbs are so plentiful -- and because they cannot be seen with the naked eye -- they are regarded as something supernatural.

As anyone who has read my article "Enough with the Orbs Already" knows, I am highly skeptical of those balls of reflected light. It has been proved, to my satisfaction at least, that they are nothing more than particles of dust, insects, and other airborne matter caught in the camera flash. Don't take my word for it. Try it yourself. Kick up some dust on a dirty basement floor and take a flash picture. You'll see orbs galore. Or should we assume that the souls of the long departed are passing eternity on our basement floors?

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