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Amazing Photos That Have You Seeing Things

Sometimes your brain can fool you into seeing something that isn't really there.


They say seeing is believing. Well, that's not always the case when it comes to photos. And we're not talking about Photoshopped or otherwise manipulated photos. Here we're referring to images that fool your brain into seeing something that isn't really there. It's called pareidolia or matrixing -- optical illusions. Apparently, our brains are wired to try to make sense out of chaos. That's why we see animal forms in fluffy clouds, faces in jagged rocks and wallpaper patterns, and religious figures in rust stains, tree bark and toasted bread. What do these simulacra prove? They prove that the human mind can easily be tricked by random formations of shapes, light and shadow. And that's why we must do careful investigation into claims of sightings of ghosts, weird creatures, UFOs and religious apparitions.

Here are some remarkable examples of pareidolia. Don't be fooled, but you're allowed to marvel at these natural illusions.

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Jesus or Child?Jesus or Child?Virgin Mary, in UteroMadonna and ChildPatron Saint of FishermenPatron Saint of FishermenDogwood TreeDogwood Tree
Face of IkeFace of IkeFire SpiritFire SpiritFace on the WaterFace on the WaterPuppy in the BasketPuppy in the Basket
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