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Photo Hoax Contest Slide Shows


Once a year we invite readers to put their creative and artistic hats on and create phony pictures that depict something paranormal -- ghosts, monsters, UFOs, etc. It's all in good fun, and I'm sure you'll enjoy these collections of preposterous, psuedo-paranormal pictures.

2004 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

Plant on Mars.
~ Elija Jones
The 2004 edition.

2005 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

Wasp Thing
Dwayne Smith
The 2005 edition.

2006 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

Fairy Fossils
from Takeshi Yamada
The 2006 edition.

2007 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

Headlamp Creature
~ Spiesociety
The 2007 edition.

2008 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

~ Becky Morse
The 2008 edition.

2010 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

Guatemala Stargate
Erick Garcia Salas

This year's winner is Erick Garcia Salas, who created "Guatemala Stargate."

2011 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

Midnight UFO
Kate Davies
This year's winner is Kate Davies for he very well executed "Midnight UFO" picture. The picture has all of the characteristics of a "genuine" UFO photo, complete with just a little motion blur. I also like the subtle white beam emanating from the bottom of the craft. Congratulations, Kate.

2012 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

Strange Levitation
Gunther Cox
Welcome to the photo hoax slideshow for 2012. This year's winner is "Strange Levitation" by Gunther Cox. Not only is Gunther's picture a very well-executed illusion -- it really looks like the items are levitating -- he provides an entertaining story to go along with it.

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