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Wymering Manor: Britain's Most Haunted House


Wymering Manor staircase

Ghosts have been seen on this staircase

Friends of Wymering


The Ghostly Nun. Outside the small attic bedroom, above the Panelled Room, the spectre of a nun, her hands dripping with blood, has been seen looking down the narrow staircase that leads from the attic.

The Legend of Reckless Roddy. One of Wymering Manor's most infamous legends is that of Reckless Roddy. According to the story, sometime in the Middle Ages, a newly married couple came to the manor. Soon, however, the husband was called away, leaving his new bride alone. When he heard of this, Sir Roderick of Portchester - Reckless Roddy - went to Wymering in hopes of seducing the young woman. But the husband returned home unexpectedly, chased Roddy from the house, and killed him as he was attempting to mount his horse.

And now, the legend states, whenever a newly married couple comes to stay at the manor, they can hear Reckless Roddy's horse galloping down the lane. Is there any truth to it? Leonard Metcalf, claiming no knowledge of the legend, said that shortly after his marriage following WWII, both he and his new wife were awakened at 2 a.m. by the sound of a horse galloping away down the lane.

Mr. E. Jones, the youth hostel warden, also claimed to have heard a horse outside on his first night at the manor. He was not newly married, however.

Sir Francis Austen. A distinguished British Naval officer and brother of novelist Jane Austen, Sir Francis William Austen is buried in nearby churchyard of Wymering Parish Church. He was churchwarden of St. Peter and St. Paul and so may have visited Wymering when it served as a vicarage. Some have claimed that his ghost haunts Wymering.


Wymering Manor has become a popular destination for many of the U.K.'s ghost investigation groups, and they have reported such phenomena as: the spirits of children seen and heard on the upper floors, sudden drops in temperature, orbs, EVP and apparitions.

Here are some of their findings from their websites and YouTube postings:

  • Spiral Investigations reported the sighting of an apparition of a tall male figure, and possibly male and female figures descending the staircase.
  • EVPMan has posted an EVP he recorded there that he says sounds like a male voice. (Very hard to hear.)
  • Paranormal Tours says this video might show a monk at the window. (I don't see anything.)
  • Hayling Paranormal records a "light anomaly" (of the orb variety).
  • Hampshire Ghost Club -- Their investigation conclusions allege that there are 18 ghosts at Wymering, including: a female child, Sir Francis William Austen, a Scottish terrier dog, nuns, a monk-like apparition, and a black cat. They have seen or heard: disembodied voices, poltergeist activity, singing, piano music (no piano is on site!), doppelgangers, the sound of a baby crying, and the sounds of children's laughter and running around.
  • West Sussex Paranormal Investigations has recorded large orbs, drops in temperature, anomalous voices and other phenomena.
  • Spooky Locations states that "we can quite honestly say that it is one of the most haunted places we have ever been in; plenty of photos were taken whilst there, capturing some unexplained images along with plenty of light anomalies. One of our members was even slapped across the chest!"

So what do you say? Do you have the nerve (and the cash) to take up residence is England's most haunted house?

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