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The Lee Avenue Haunting


Lee Avenue haunting house

Lee Avenue haunting house

Donna Parish-Bischoff

An interview with author Donna Parish-Bischoff about her experiences in her family's house haunted by multiple malevolent entities

When she was a young girl in 1974, Donna Parish-Bischoff's family moved into what they thought was an ordinary house on Lee Avenue in Yonkers, New York. They would soon find out that the house was far from ordinary.

Disembodied voices, poltergeist-type activity, puzzling doppelgangers, and even apparitions plagued the family to the point where they questioned their sanity and caused more apprehension and dread than they could handle. It turns out the house had a very disturbing history.

Donna has chronicled her experiences in that house in her book The Lee Avenue Haunting. In this interview, she talks more about that extraordinary time on her life.

Q: Your family moved into the Lee Avenue house in October, 1974. Would you say you got strange feelings from it from the very beginning?

I felt something was different , off a bit.... I felt as if there were someone watching me when I was alone, very oppressive in manner.

Q: You heard several types of voices in the house, from a little girl's singing to a man's gruff voice. Do you think there were multiple entities in this house?

I do believe that that home was a portal of a sort to many entities or demons pretending to be a little girl to a gruff man. I do feel as if that the spirit of the last tenant who committed suicide did come back and joined them. He did not want to leave when his family moved out.

Q: There were many events in the house that could be categorized as "poltergeist activity," which is a psychic phenomenon generally caused by stresses. Do you think this could account for some of what you experienced, or do you think it was all ghost related?

Being that my mom , brother, and sister encountered [these phenomena] as well , I have to believe that these were ghost or demon activity. It was strong and too powerful for us to rid of it on our own.

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