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Savannah Ghost



I was privileged to live in Savannah, Georgia (America's most haunted city) for a number of years during this past decade. I have two distinct experiences I'd like to share. This is the first. One cool, gray, fall Sunday night during 2005 or 2006, I'd driven downtown to meet a friend of mine who worked in one of River Street's many taverns and restaurants. I parked my car in one of the parking lots on Bay Street and headed down one of the massive stone stairways leading to River Street itself. I stopped in, had a brief chat (that lasted about one pint) and headed back up to my car on Bay Street.

As I finally reached the top of the stairway, I turned to my left, where my car was parked about 30 feet away. Directly in front of me, about 10 feet past my car, I saw something that shocked me to my core: a very skinny, dark-skinned black male wearing very old, tight black clothing, a loose fitting trench coat and a top hat, was dragging what looked like a body bag up the top of another stairway. Against all instinct, I continued hurriedly walking to my car, drawing ever closer to the scene, at which point I realized that it was indeed a struggle: whatever was in that black body bag appeared to be human... and was not happy.

I was able to get into my car (luckily, as I entered the driver's door, my car was between me and "them," so I felt somewhat protected). In the two seconds it took me to unlcok and open my door, sit down and start it up, I looked back... and no one was to be seen.

Savannah has many ghost stories. I've never heard anything like this. It is known that this city was a major slave-trading and pirate hub (there are tunnels that lead from various points in the city down to the riverfront for the smuggling of human cargo), and much misery has been endured here.

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