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The Anguished Man: Haunted Painting



-01 June 2010 Northern England -

My grandmother had this painting in her attic for 25 years. She said it was evil. She told us she used to see the dark figure of a man around the house and at night she heard strange noises and crying. She told me the artist committed suicide shortly after finishing it and that he had used his own blood mixed in with the oils.

After she died we got the painting; it is currently in our basement. Shortly after we got the painting, various members of the family started seeing the dark figure of a man. At night, we began hearing noises and just recently we have heard crying and moaning.

The painting is still in our house and although I never believed in the supernatural, I am now convinced there is something evil about this painting. A video of the painting can be seen here.

Update -18 June 2010-

The noises have been getting worse. We have heard crying coming from the corner of our bedroom. We started seeing the dark figure standing at the bottom of the bed, just staring at us. It seems to be a middle aged man but his features are not very clear. As a former skeptic, I'm very curious so I'm moving the painting into our bedroom. Previously it's been in a cupboard downstrairs. I'm feeling apprehensive and a little scared....I'll keep updating.


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