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Ghost House



In Sileby, Leicestershire, about 1998-1999, when I was roughly 3-4 years old, I was just becoming of age to notice goings on around me. You may also just say that I had a very active imagination. In the living room of our 200+ year old house, we had a rocking chair, and when I was playing at times, I would see a old woman knitting something in this chair.

I remember I used to sit there for what seemed like hours, talking to her. I told my mother about this old woman and she asked me questions about my sightings. A few years on, I mentioned this ghost to my mum again; at this point she was working in the local news shop. She went to work and discussed my sightings with a few of the elderly residents of our village.

One woman claimed a lady used to live in our house when she was growing up, but died of natural causes. No one knows her name, though.

On another occasion in this house, my best friend and I got a very eerie feeling as we passed through the bathroom door. Again, I told my mother about this. She told me about a ghost her mother once saw at the bathroom door. My grandma claims to have felt as though she had bumped into another human being, but as she looked around she could not see anybody there, although across from the bathroom is my baby brother's room, which for years has been extremely cold no matter how hot the heating is on.

In my own bedroom, stuff that has been on my shelves for years and years will randomly fall off in the night, and my china doll has been moved a few times. Before now, I have also awakened with marks on my body that weren't there before. I have no clue if I have made them or if it was a presence in my room. I'm thinking it's a presence as my door is always shut at night, then in the morning, or when I wake up for the toilet, my door is wide open with a cold spot at my door.

Is there someone looking over me? Or is my house really haunted?

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