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Haunted Basement



About a year ago, my little brother, who is 21 years old, moved out of my parent's house and into my great-grandparent's house in a small town in Northern Missouri. The house is in a decent neighborhood, though in the past had seen a lot of bad things happen.

My brother's best friend moved in with him as well, each of them taking a bedroom and splitting the utilities and other bills.

Now, I should explain that my great-grandfather was a very paranoid man and he built a tornado shelter in the basement, which had solid cement walls and a heavy steel door. The basement itself has a huge wrought iron door on the door to the outside that is always locked. The front door to the house is also blocked by a wrought iron door, which does not open anymore as the key broke off in the lock. The only way in is through the garage which has an extremely noisy opening mechanism.

My brother told me that one night he woke up and heard banging in the basement, as if someone was throwing things around. He got up and found his friend had already heard it, and together they went down but didn't find anything amiss. In the morning things had been strewn everywhere. Even the dryer was dented.

A few nights later, my brother got out of bed and went to the bathroom and found his friend lying on the couch. They spoke for a while and then my brother went to bed. The next morning he asked why his friend had spent the night on the couch only to find that his friend had been in bed all night studying.

The noises in the basement continued and one day my brother took one of the family dogs for a ride and they stopped at the house. The dog -- a very large hunting dog -- went down to the basement willingly enough, but once down there refused to enter the cement room.

She bared her teeth and slowly backed my brother back up the stairs. His friend is genuinely scared of whatever is going on. My brother, however, has a very simplistic view of the situation. He is going to ignore it, believing whatever entities are present will get bored and eventually go away.

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