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Goat Lady's Ghost



About July of 1975, some friends and I were driving around and talking and laughing. Somehow we got onto ghost stories and a "real haunted house' in our area of San Antonio, Texas. Being 16 and probably not as smart as I could have been, I was really excited about seeing a ghost.

It was around 10:00 p.m. and the four of us drove out to what was being called the "Goat Lady's House". (I have no idea why it was called that.) We split up and my best friend Elaine and I started looking around the back of the property. It was a really clear night with lots of stars and not too hot.

As we were looking out at the old garage, I spotted out of the corner of my right eye some movement. When I turned my head, there was a woman in a long flowing white dress. She seemed to be coming from the old house and headed to the garage/caretaker's place. I could see that she had really long dark hair, and the dress had long trailing sleeves. But I could not make out the exact features of her face, though I should have been able to.

At no time was I afraid. I really felt that I was seeing something that not many people get to see. I remember reaching over to my right to touch my friend and get her attention, when she screamed and grabbed me. In turning to see what she was yelling about, my ghostly lady vanished.

Needless to say, my friend ran yelling to the truck and it scared the other two so bad we left.

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