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High Strangeness on the Alaska Highway



This is a strange little incident that took place back in 1993. I really don't know if it was actually paranormal, though it certainly was odd.

In early summer in 1993, my husband and I decided to go on a camping trip up to Alaska. We live near Vancouver, B.C., so our route took us up Highway 37 into the Yukon, and then finally to Haines and Skagway, Alaska.

On our return trip, we decided on a different route and took the Alaska Highway. It was somewhere along the Alaska Highway in northern British Columbia, that this incident occurred. The countryside throughout northern B.C. is heavily wooded and scarcely populated. Towns are very small and very far between, with signs warning you of the distance to the next town or gas station.

Of course, wildlife is plentiful in the area, and I remember driving through one area where we noticed dozens of black bears eating berries at the side of the highway. Definitely not the kind of place one would want to have car trouble or stand at the side of the road.

So, as we were driving through this wilderness, I noticed a man standing at the side of the highway a little ways back from the road. There was no parked vehicle anywhere nearby. He was a Native American fellow, I think in his 40s or 50s. I didn't actually notice exactly what type of clothing he was wearing, but I believe he had long hair and a hat.

I was surprised to see this guy standing at the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere. He didn't appear to be hitchhiking; he was just standing there. But the really strange thing is that less than 20 feet behind him stood a huge bull moose. Those who have been up close to a moose will know how big they actually are: about the size of a large horse, I would say. Certainly not the type of animal likely to creep silently up behind you.

Naturally, I was quite shocked to see this, but I didn't say anything at first. About a minute or so after we passed this guy, I looked at my husband, who was driving, and said, "Did you see that guy?"


"Was there a moose standing right behind him?"


Now, the other strange thing about this is we had passed many other wild animals along the way: black bear, a grizzly, deer, bighorn sheep, and caribou. My husband, who enjoys a little hunting, would always mention any animal that he noticed. A bull moose should have certainly caught his attention, but instead he said nothing at all until I mentioned it.

I should also mention that my husband is a total skeptic when it comes to anything paranormal. When I tried to talk about how odd this incident was, and joked that maybe this guy had rode there on the moose, hubby was not amused.

I still can't say whether or not this was paranormal, but I certainly think it was one of the strangest things I've ever seen. It reminds me of a quote by the Canadian writer, Robert Service: "The Arctic trails have their secret tales that would make your blood run cold. The Northern lights have seen queer sights...."

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