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Plantation Ghosts



About a week ago, my sister went to a plantation home in Louisiana. She said as soon as she walked into the building there was a very stuffy and eerie feeling that she couldn't shake off. She came back home complaining of the feeling that something cold was holding onto her arm. When she looked back there was nothing.

She also showed me a picture she had taken of the staircase where a man had been shot and killed. You can clearly see a shadow standing on the seventeenth step, which is exactly where the man died. I didn't believe my sister until I went there myself.

When I went there, I was told of a ghost that would take earrings. Later, as the tour went, I realized I only had one earring in. It might have just fallen out, I don't know. I also happened to feel my hair get pulled. I looked back and no one was there.

By then I was starting to get the stuffy, eerie feeling my sister had described to me. When we went further into the tour and came to a stop next to a mirror, I saw finger prints on the mirror and sneaked a touch. They didn't come off, as if they were from the inside.

Ever sice my experience, I have been more aware of really how many people have claimed to have similar experiences, and I have come to believe that these things are among us, hiding in the shadows.

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