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Haunted Cafeteria



I had nearly forgotten about this story until I was watching a ghost episode on the SyFy network that reminded me of it. This took place in Columbia, Maryland when I was 15 years old, during a detention I had in 1997.

As luck would have it, one of my friends had detention with me and we were the only two in there. Something happened and we didn't have a supervisor that day. The only authority we had was the woman in the office who would randomly check on us. After she peeked in on us through the window in the door, we somehow got this idea that we would go down to the cafeteria, which was located in the basement and get some food from the snack machines, then return as soon as possible.

Our school was very old and was once a church in its early years, which made the dark hallways pretty creepy as we crept down them. Finally, we reached the double doors to the cafeteria, but unfortunately they were locked. There were some windows along the sides, though, and my friend was able to push one open and at 5'1" and around 90 lbs, we were both able to squeeze our little selves through.

I remember it being very dark and deathly quiet. The only light came from the snack machine in the far corner. I was a few steps ahead of her, and was in the process of smoothing out my dollar so I could put it in the slot.

That's when we heard a tremendous crash on the other side of the room. We both jumped and whirled around, frantically searching the dark with our eyes. It was all quiet again and we couldn't see anything. My friend wanted to leave, but I was determined to get my candy bar, so I put my dollar in and pushed the numbers.

Once again, a loud crashing sounded behind us, and this time it didn't stop. We turned around, and to our horror saw that the chairs that were stacked on top of the tables, were all toppling down on their own accord! One by one, they were being thrown from the table to the floor in a deafening crash.

At this point we were screaming and running for the window. It seemed to take forever for both of us to clamber back through it, but when my feet were firmly on the floor outside, I glanced one more time at the cafeteria to see the chairs and now the tables seeming to move all on their own!

My friend and I ran up the steps and down the dark hallways, screaming in terror. When we reached the classroom, the office woman was waiting for us with an angry look. Of course, we couldn't tell her where we'd been, so we accepted another detention without a word.

From that point on, I never let myself be in the cafeteria alone! And in all the hustle and bustle, I forgot to collect my candybar.

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