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Haunted Caravan



These events took place in Auckland, New Zealand over a five-year period. Back in 2005, my parents decided it would be a good idea to get a caravan (trailer) for my young daughter, then aged 7, and me, as the house seemed to be getting crowded as my daughter grew. We were very excited when we found one, quite old, but sound, to rent. It was delivered in a couple of days to my parents' backyard.

My daughter and I moved all our stuff into it and settled into the new place, which had a decent-sized oven and full fridge/freezer (unusual for rental caravans).

About two weeks after we moved in, the first "plague" hit. Ants everywhere! We would move something and it would start to crawl with them. Ant poisons and traps did not work at first; they just kept coming. I got that problem under control, and we had a mere week of peace before the cockroaches started to appear. Again, off went the traps and poisons. It was weeks before we got them under control.

Then my daughter moved back up to the house, saying her bed was too cold to sleep in. I had a look under the mattress she was on, and sure enough an unexplainable wet spot had started seeping up through the board the mattress was on. There was a cupboard under this board and it was dry.

Not long after this, I restarted a relationship with my daughter's father, and he started to come and have "adult sleepovers" in my caravan, as it had a lovely big double bed. He soon started to complain of a disgusting smell -- apparently strong enough to make him retch, and a distinct feeling of being unwanted. However, my daughter and I noticed no smell of any kind, nor uneasy feelings.

The cockroaches were almost completely defeated when the mice moved in. They were so bold they would run across us as we tried to sleep! And still the smell continued to follow my partner. Eventually, I a stray cat adopted me, and she took care of my mouse problem. She had three kittens before I could get her fixed, and we kept all of them.

As they got old enough to go outside on their own, they did so with alarming frequency. They simply did not want to be in that caravan. They came in, had a chomp at their food, then left as fast as they could. By now, my caravan would rustle (I still had some mice) and torment my partner with a bad smell. Objects vanished then reappeared (mainly my lighters and ashtray), my roof leaked, the cats hated the place and then the fridge blew up.

After five years, that was the last straw. I sent the caravan back to the place I got it from and rented a new one for $10 less and a little smaller, but much wider.

As I was cleaning out the old caravan, I noticed an alarming new plague had just started. Beetles. I kept finding brown beetles everywhere. Thank goodness this thing was leaving! When the new caravan arrived and I'd moved my things in, we all noticed the difference. My partner even said it was like being on holiday when he visited. We don't know what became of that old caravan. But I feel it might have been a female spirit that hated men that haunted it. I would love to find out the caravan's history, if I can ever find it again. But I'm not looking too hard... she might follow me back to this one!

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