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The Red Light and the Ghost



Growing up, I had a friend who lived in a very old and very big house directly across from a cemetery. Her bedroom windows faced the cemetery, and as a child this used to give me the creeps. Her house was a large Victorian-styled structure that I believe was built somewhere in the mid-1800s.

It was always freezing in her room, no matter what. We would sit by her bay windows and look at the cemetery at night because supposedly (as she stated) you could see "lights" in the cemetery. (Now remember, we were children at this time, back in the 1980s we didn't have those LED type lanterns and lights that can be put by the gravestones nowadays.)

One evening, we were huddled by the windows and spotted a red light by the treeline in the back of the cemetery. We both watched as it floated through the rows and bobbed on its own accord, noting that there was nobody holding it. There was a streetlight by the road and the red light bobbed to the street and we could clearly see that it was floating all on its own -- nobody was holding it.

We both screamed and ran back to her bed, jumped under the covers, and whispered in hushed voices about what we just witnessed. We giggled and gossiped like 12-year-old girls do and eventually fell asleep.

I awoke later that night, while my friend was still sleeping soundly. I rolled over and saw to my astonishment that her door was wide open. I KNOW she locked it, but there it was, wide open, and a small black kitten was standing in the doorway. She didn't have a cat, but I wasn't too worried, being the animal lover that I am, I surmised that the kitten was lost and had somehow wandered into their big house searching for warmth and food.

I got out of the bed and called softly to the kitten. The kitten immediately darted out of sight and I hurried after it. The old house had many long, dark hallways and vacant rooms, and as I slowly made my way after the kitten, I noticed a red glow out of the corner of my eye. I whirled around and saw the red light shining through a window in one of the rooms!

I was standing at the entrance-way of a sitting room, and directly across from the doorway was a large window with heavy draperies... but there, lo and behold, was the red light. I was on the second floor, so I felt like this thing was deliberately spying on me.

Forgetting all about the kitten, I bolted back toward my friend's room. As I rounded a bend in the hallway, I nearly shrieked with fright as I saw her mother standing at the other stretch of the hallway. In the darkness, I couldn't see her face, but the way she was standing gave me an eerie feeling. Her head was slightly tilted downward and her feet were next to each other, about a foot apart. She was wearing a nightgown and some sort of bonnet on her head, which I found really weird and old-fashioned. I wondered why she seemed to be just standing there looking at me.

"S-s-sorry," I stammered, not really knowing what else to say. Since her face was obscured, I couldn't tell if she made an expression or not, but she didn't respond in any other way. Then she slowly turned to her right and walked into another vacant room. Bizarre, I thought, but having enough weird experiences for one night, I ran into my friend's room, LOCKED THE DOOR, and jumped into bed. My friend never woke up, so I fell into a restless sleep.

The next morning, I related my odd experiences to my friend, who seemed intrigued by my story and slightly disappointed that it didn't happen to her. But she stopped me when I started talking about her mother. "My parents are divorced," she said. "Mom doesn't live here anymore. I thought you knew that."

I remember just staring at her, my mind racing. I knew they had gotten a divorce, but I didn't know her mother moved out. I thought her father did. I hadn't seen him the day before because he worked late. So who was that woman I saw? It still gives me the chills to think about it. And we combed the house looking for the black kitten, but we never found it. We never saw the red light again either.

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