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St. Joseph Island Ghost



It was summer, sometime around 1998. I was in high school, I think 10th grade. I went with my parents for a drive to nearby St. Joseph Island (in Ontario, Canada), a very scenic place, where I've been many times before and since.

There's a museum there consisting of several old original historic buildings from around the island made up to look as they would have back when they were in use. I'd been there several times before, too, but this time was different. This time we had an experience with a ghost!

When we got to the field the museum is in and parked, we saw that we were the only ones there. This one thing is probably the factor that made the difference in encountering a ghost.

The tour guide started taking us around, and our first stop was the store. While the tour guide told us about the store, I suddenly "felt" a presence. I can't really explain it other than I could feel that there was someone standing in the corner by the door, watching us. I just decided to ignore it, so I brushed it off and paid full attention to the tour guide.

But the ghost would not be ignored! Some items on the shelf fell over on the shelf with a loud bang, making everyone jump. The tour guide made a weak joke about it, and we continued on. I concede that the stuff falling over on the shelf could've just been caused by air currents or vibrations, except for what I felt and for what happened next.

The next stop on our tour at the log cabin was uneventful. But when we got to the brick school house, the tour guide gave us the speech about it, and then she let us wander about to look at the displays of artifacts around the single room building.

It was then that I felt the presence again and everyone clearly heard someone slowly walking up the front steps -- bang, bang, bang. The footsteps were slow and heavy, as if made by someone wearing heavy boots. Everyone turned and looked at the entrance. The door was open, we could see outside, but no one was there! Once the footsteps reached the top of the stairs, they stopped.

The tour guide looked visibly shaken and we all just kind of looked at each other, not knowing what to say. The tour guide told us that sometimes when they close up for the night, lights that were turned off will be on in the morning, or even by the time they reach their cars. Typical ghost stuff. But this was the first time she'd had something like this happen.

We finished our tour without another incident and made our way back home. Since then, I've had other encounters with ghosts, mostly seeing or hearing them (my current apartment is haunted, for example), but this first encounter really sticks with me. It was (and is) just such a bizarre and exciting feeling knowing that you're encountering something from the unknown, especially for the first time. Thanks for reading my story. And remember, if you want to get rid of a ghost, just tell them what I tell them: "Go away, I'm not a medium... I'm an extra large!"

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