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Dark Forces in the Corridors of Power



Over the years, I have had some unexplainable things happen; however I had an experience less than a year ago that drastically changed my spiritual views.

In July, 2012, I served as an official for a company's Board of Directors. Its location is actually a very old building, and I soon found out that it harbored dark secrets and it exposed some of those to me.

A few months into my term, I was working late. I decided to stay because the local democratic headquarters was coordinating voter registration outside of the building. After the party's vice president gathered her things and left, I decided to stay behind. I'd say this was about 7:00 p.m. and in mid-summer, so we had about 30-40 minutes of sunlight left.

I was acquainted with a guy who worked for the district attorney. The DA's building was a rock's throw away and located in our town's courthouse (which is gorgeous, by the way). He stopped by the office to say hello. I won't disclose his name; I knew him socially and we would text occasionally.

Anyhow, I heard stories about how our building used to be a brothel in the early 1900s and saw its share of "dark days." I shared this information with the guy and mentioned that I had been thinking of gaining some publicity by having a paranormal investigative group visit, being that Halloween was right around the corner.

During board meetings, I would record with a digital voice recorder just to make sure I covered all of my bases for minutes. My recorder was on my desk and I asked him if we should try to see if anything would make contact via EVP. He agreed. I did invite another guy friend (Richard) who I kinda had a thing for and invited him as an excuse to get close to him.

About five minutes later, Richard showed up and the three of us sat in my office and exchanged stories. Soon after, they agreed that we should attempt contact with the spirits that haunted the building. (The building is, in fact, historical.) There was a glass door located in the meeting room that led to a corridor, and in the middle of the corridor was a tiny, very old metal spiral staircase that led to the second story, which was unused for some time.

We ascended the stairs and walked into the opening of the second level, which was constructed in an odd way. We explored and found that it was a massive space filled with courtroom benches and had dozens of rooms. We started recording, and I continued by asking general questions in effort to catch a response.

I remembered my crush feeling odd, as if there was an electricity about the air. We began to feel uncomfortable for no reason. I can't speak for him, but I do however remember feeling as if there were a presence tucking and hiding in the dark corners, and I got the feeling as if someone or something was extremely fast and circling us as we explored further.

I was a bit ahead of the others and walked past an area that was being renovated at some time, but the tools and ladder looked a bit older, as if they had been there for awhile. I entered a bathroom. When I entered this restroom with my flashlight, I saw what appeared to be a faint, purple mist that was materializing near the wall and a women's stall. Needless to say, I was spooked, but I didn't want to mention what I had seen.

At this time, I began to feel uneasy and had a sense of a presence that I could only best describe as being something dark. I started having anxiety and asked that we all go back down. My friend soon left and the D.A. and I were the only two left. We agreed to have a drink and soon began talking about other things.

The guy mentioned to me that he was skilled in the reading of Tarot and said there was a dark force inhabiting our building. I blew it off, but he asked me to walk outside with him to his car, so I agreed. He popped his trunk and pulled out a beaded cloth bag and said he would do a reading for me. The bag had other odd looking things in it. I am Hispanic and somewhat religious, so I was hesitant due to the fact that having Mexican heritage we are usually told of the dangers of dabbling in dark things, which those trinkets seemed to represent.

I was, however, absolutely fascinated in the back of my mind of the possibility of having a phantom occupying our location, so I did agree. We went back to my office and sat. He opened the cloth bag and pulled out a crystal that was attached to a leather string and a deck of Tarot cards. In the past I've had my cards read, so I didn't so much have apprehension toward the cards.

He read them and confirmed details that no one could have possibly known and was more accurate than any readings I had in the past. After the reading, I asked about the crystal and he explained that it was used to detect and communicate with the astral world. He suggested that we go back to the upper level and attempt communication with the "entity."

I was shaken by the mist I saw earlier in the night and said no several times. He was being VERY persistent, so I eventually agreed to return with the recorder and crystal to document anything that might transpire.

When we went back up, he handed me the crystal and instructed me how to use it. I wish I NEVER would have gone back up there; to be honest, I wish I would have never accepted my position with that company in the first place. I'll explain why.

The crystal did a rapid pendulum movement as we walked throughout the building. It stopped movement as we neared the further-most corridor. Once again, I had the sensation of a darkness or even evil being present. The guy's demeanor suddenly changed completely; he even spoke differently and said, "It wants you to speak with it by yourself. Go hear what it wants to tell you. He's waiting for you by the stairwell."

This guy had no previous knowledge of the building, so how he knew there was a stairwell was completely shocking to me, especially since it was extremely dark and almost impossible to see four feet much less the entire length of the hall. There was, in fact, a stairwell down that corridor after a sharp left. I remember being on the other side of the building and entering a stairwell that was used as storage and had old courtroom booths and old typewriters (ancient nearly).

I had walked that area a few days before with a neighboring building manager, who had extensive knowledge and even told me of renovations exposing prostitutes' names on wooden plaques by the doors of the brothel. She also told me that it was rumored to have been used as a gambling/watering hole in the earlier half of the 1900s. Murders had taken place in that building, as well as many other surrounding buildings, I'm sure due to the extensive history of our town. I won't disclose the name of our town; I will, however, say that it is known worldwide for its paranormal past, and tourism accounts for a large percent of the towns commerce. People travel here from all over the globe.

While this guy was speaking, I barely recognized his voice. His face and gestures even seemed to change to that of a total stranger at that moment; that's how profound his mannerisms changed. I got really frightened because for some reason I could sense that there was a presence not only inside him, but down that hallway he wanted me to go down.

I told him I was done and wanted to go back. Upon returning, he went back to normal and said he blacked out. I wanted to get the hell out of there, so we left.

The next day, I was with my mother and explained the events and told her that I had yet to listen to the recorder, so we did listen and found a scratchy but very clear whisper that said, "Ask about the payroll." I was shocked and very spooked.

A couple of weeks later, I was in the office working late again. I walked to the board room to make a few photocopies. When I walked into the room, I saw a dark black shadow of what looked like a smaller man crawling underneath the meeting table. As soon as I saw that, I freaked the hell out and was outta there after I locked up. I never worked late again.

After that night, I started paying closer attention to the overall situation. I was the youngest person to hold my position on an executive committee, which I was proud of. However, the activity became too heavy. I resigned from my position abruptly out of fear of the what I think is a demonic presence occupying that building.

After my experience in this realm of the political/business world, I had experiences that changed the way I live and think, morally. I speak with the truth when I say that there are people who are in high positions who conjure forces or entities solely to gain knowledge or make "deals" for power and wealth.

I was given the invitation by a person of high power, to a gathering at a place called "The Crossroads." He told me that many of my peers would be there and mentioned the Spanish name of some deity or "entity" that would appear to them. He said that this entity would frighten me, but he said that after being summoned she would grant material wealth and power in an exchange. The person who told me this was a powerful man in the community, and I think I was almost being watched or recruited.

I resigned and never spoke to that person again. I was frightened beyond belief, and I honestly think I was being watched by an entity that would tell these men details of my days and life that they in no way could have had. I had the feeling that something was sent to my home because I would feel hands at night and even saw a shadow hand appear in my home. It had long smoke-like fingers and motioned for me to follow.

I have even seen a green ball-shaped light floating and glowing in my backyard that disbursed into tiny fragments. I attribute it to the occult/Satanic realm and all of these occurrences happened to compliment one another and seemed almost like they were leading up to this "offer".

I am glad that I refused any connection with this group of men. I was an up-and-coming CEO of a PR firm and served as a high-power official/director for this particular place; after that, I voluntarily left both.

I regret EVER meeting the "upper" social sphere of businessmen. It was such a dark, perverted world and makes me sick that these people are powerful leaders and do such things. I am grateful that I had these experiences, in a way, I must say. I think had I stayed I would have to compromise my moral fiber and support these people who did these things just to have financial comfort and power.

The occurrences stopped soon after, thank God. Know I am being 100% honest when I say there are powerful men who have sold their souls for the power they now have. Some are political, some are powerful businessmen, and some even from organized crimes upper leadership. These events changed my life, I happened to look into the abyss and this time the abyss looked right back at me. God bless, and be cautious, for things and people are rarely what they seem.

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