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Kansas State University

Kansas State University

Kansas State University
Brief history: Kansas State was founded in 1858 when Bluemont Central College was founded and 53 students enrolled. Today it has an enrollment of more than more than 23,000.

Ghosts: K-State lays claim to several ghosts and haunted spots, but the most well-known might be that of the school's Purple Masque Theater, located on the main floor of the campus's East Stadium. Heard but never seen, the ghost here has been named Nick and is said to be the spirit of a football player who died there in the 1950s when the building served as a dormitory for athletes. They say Nick's heavy footsteps can be heard in the hallways, on the stairs and near the theater's stage. He has been blamed for numerous mischievous pranks, including moving chairs, playing music at night, and stacking boxes in a dressing room.

The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house, they say, is haunted by Duncan, who died during a pledge initiation gone wrong. The paddle used to pledge Duncan was hung on a wall in memoriam, but when the paddle was taken down to paint the wall, a dark stain remained that could not be painted over. They finally had to install paneling to cover it.

Another haunted frat house is that of Delta Sigma Phi. The building used to be St. Mary's Hospital and two ghosts have been seen there, apparently from the hospital days: a phantom nurse still making her rounds; and George, an elderly patient who died in a freak accident, and whose ghost can still be heard making a racket on the third floor.

Sources: Haunted Places by Dennis William Hauck; The Ghosts of Kansas State University

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