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Lincoln Memorial University

Harrogate, Tennessee


Lincoln Memorial University

Lincoln Memorial University

Lincoln Memorial University
Brief history: Legend has it that during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln remarked to General O. O. Howard, a Union officer, that Howard would one day establish a great univerisity for this vacinity. The school began humbly with an elementary school in 1890, but soon after General Howard began work to create the university, which was chartered on February 12, 1897 -- Lincoln's birthday.

Ghosts: According to Ghosts and Spirits of Tennessee, the most haunted building on campus is Grant-Lee Hall, which was originally built as part of a hotel, but later adopted by the school as a dormitory. The building was twice ravaged by fire. The fire in 1904 claimed the life of a woman and her child on the building's fourth floor. It was said she was wearing a red dress at the times. Her ghost has been reported on a number of occasions, including the building's second fire in 1950 when she was seen screaming for help from a fourth-floor window.

Today, residents claim to hear phantom footsteps on the stairs, knocks on doors, doorknobs turning, and even the apparition of a lady in red wandering the hallways.

Source: Ghosts and Spirits of Tennessee

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