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Haunted Lighthouses and Their Ghosts

The keepers of these magnificent landmarks refuse to leave


WHAT IS IT about lighthouses that seems to make them ideal settings for hauntings? Perhaps it's the isolation or the extreme age of many of these magnificent structures. Or perhaps it's because the lighthouse keepers – who are often said to be the ones haunting the buildings – lived in solitude for long periods of time, often cut off from other people for weeks, even months at a time. Perhaps this solitude leaves a shadowy imprint of their lives within the stone and mortar of these wind and wave-swept beacons.

Here is a mini-directory of haunted lighthouses around North America and the stories of their ghosts. Click Enter Gallery to begin.

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Bakers Island LightBakers Island LightBarnegat LighthouseBarnegat LighthouseBig Bay Point LighthouseBig Bay Point LighthouseBird Island LightBird Island Light
Boston LightBoston LightGibralter Point LighthouseGibralter Point LighthouseHeceta Head LighthouseHeceta Head LighthouseNew London Ledge LighthouseNew London Ledge Lighthouse
Old Port Boca Grande LighthouseOld Port Boca Grande LighthousePlymouth LightPlymouth LightPoint Lookout LightPoint Lookout LightPresque Isle LighthousePresque Isle Lighthouse
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