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Bird Cage Theater

Tombstone, Arizona


Bird Cage Theater

Bird Cage Theater

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Brief history: Opened in 1881 by William "Billy" Hutchinson, the Bird Cage served as a combination theater, saloon, brothel and gambling house until about 1889. Operating in those years 24 hours a day on every day of the year, it earned its sordid reputation; the venerable New York Times described it as "the wildest, wickedest night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast." As many as 26 murders were committed on the premesis. Today it is a tourist attraction and museum.

Ghosts: One might expect the old adobe building to have its share of cold spots, which might or might not be evidence of ghosts, but much other paranormal activity has been reported:

  • Talking, whispering and singing by disembodied voices.
  • The apparition of a singing woman who fades from view.
  • A reflection of the saloon's past: crowded with loud patrons, cigar smoke and whiskey.
  • Ghosts in period clothing who look so lifelike that tourists think they're part of the show.

The Haunted Bird Cage Theatre
Encyclopedia of Haunted Places by Jeff Belanger

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