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Haunted Places - True Stories - 1


They could be well-known landmarks, places of historical significance, or someplace as familiar as a friend's home... but they all have one thing in common: ghostly or paranormal activity that puzzled or terrified these readers.

Angry Parking Garage Ghost

This apparition was wearing a dress, had dark-rimmed glasses, and was carrying a black purse.

The Anguished Man: Haunted Painting

The story of a painting, made with blood, that emits crying and moaning. Yikes!

Another Savannah Ghost

This reader encounters the ghost of a red-coated British officer from the 1770s near Forsyth Park.

Black Aggie

When Felix Agnus put up the life-sized shrouded bronze statue of a grieving angel seated on a pedestal in the Agnus family plot in the Druid Ridge Cemetery, he had no idea what he had started.

California Desert Ghosts

Thomas and his friend hear voices at night in the very spooky Anza Borrego desert in California.

Coffee Shop Stranger

It may not be unusual to meet someone unusual in a New York City coffee shop, but this experience defies explanation.

The Crying Ghost of 9F

This encounter with a crying ghosts took place in Makati City, Philippines.

Demon of Witch Hill

Near a small town on the southwest coast of England, Jenna has an encounter with a very creepy entity.

Disappearing Elevator Lady

A woman and son see a woman enter an elevator, but when they go in after her, she's not there.

Enemy Swim Lake

At a Native American housing complex in Enemy Swim Lake, South Dakota, Neon and his family are freaked out by whatever is attacking their house.

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