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Ghost Materializes at Stanley Hotel

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Flora Stanley ghost picture

Flora Stanley ghost picture

Copyright © 2013, Kris Tennant and Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers

Ghost Materializes at Stanley Hotel

From Mike Coletta of Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers: "During a visit to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado in January, 2013, Kris Tennant of the Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers caught on camera a very detailed apparition that formed from a misty ectoplasm. This apparition is shown forming in a series of photos on this video into a smiling woman with clear features, such as her full face with hair, eyes, nose, mouth that smiled, and chin. Even her body formed as well two pieces of jewelry that she is wearing.

"The apparition remained on film, then faded into the ectoplasm again before completely fading away. We could not believe what the camera caught. Never before have we seen anything like this. We put this video together showing the entire formation, even pointing out all the facial features which are very clear, and the jewelry. Surprisingly, the apparition looks just like a photo of Mrs. Flora Stanley that is hanging in a hallway wall there at the Stanley Hotel. In that picture of her on the wall, she is even wearing two pieces of jewelry like the apparition had: a double necklace.

"We added that photo to this video to show the comparison. To our knowledge, no one has ever caught anything like this at the Stanley Hotel before. Photos and video Copyright 2013, Kris Tennant and Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers. Original copyrighted higher resolution photos available to journalists and authors upon request. http://www.RockyMountainGhostExplorers.com"

An interesting series of pictures. What do you think, readers?

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