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Doppelgangers - True Stories


Is there another person out there who looks exactly like you? Or maybe there are doubles of people you know and love -- seemingly exact replicas. How is it possible? Check out these true stories.

Dad's Doppelganger

A guy sees his dad's doppelganger -- and his car.

Dad's Doppelganger

A girl sees an impossible double of her father in her own house.

Doppleganger at Albertson's

This gal sees a girl she used to work with at Albertson's; turns out it was just a doppelganger.

Doppelganger Colleague

Andrew thinks he saw his colleague walk into work, but he really shows up later.

Doppelganger Fooled Mom

In Boise, Idaho, Avalon says a lot of people seem to know her doppelganger -- she even fooled her own mother.

Doppelganger in the Bookstore

Sophie hears and sees her doppelganger buying a book -- for her, apparently.

Doppelganger in the Woods

Neil says he saw himself walking alongside his self in June or July of 1991.

Doppelganger Mystery

Jay knows he has a doppelganger because people greet him thinking he is someone else.

Doppelganger of Death

A mother sees her daughter's doppelganger drowning in the ocean.

Doppelganger or Future Vision?

A girl is confronted and blamed for things she didn't do!

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