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Human Mysteries and Enigmas

What you need to know about a variety of human-based phenomena, including human enigmas, mysterious people, freaks and more.
  1. Doppelgangers (19)
  2. Kirlian Photography (4)
  3. Mysterious Human Remains (9)
  4. Out-of-Body Experience (28)
  5. Spontaneous Human Combustion (8)
  6. Vampires (24)

Readers' Most Amazing Coincidences
Readers tell their true stories of remarkable coincidences that baffle, astonish, and delight.

The Ata Creature: What Is It?
The remains of a weird little humanoid could be historic and completely new to science.

Scariest Old Hag Experiences
Readers report a variety of terrifying experiences with the old hag, including paralysis, hair pulling and choking

Amazing Coincidences
Amazing true stories of coincidences that defy belief!

More Amazing Coincidences
True stories of amazing coincidences, remarkable synchronicities, and puzzling glitches in the fabric of reality.

Men in Black - Captured on Video
In this video, taken in Niagara Falls, Canada, two guys fitting the description of Men in Black come to inquire about a UFO sighting.

Vanished! Unexplained Disappearances
There one second... and gone the next. Strange cases of unsolved disappearances, from common folk to aristocrats to entire villages!

Vanished! - Into Thin Air
Perplexing accounts of mysterious disappearances in which people seem to have vanished without a trace from the face of the Earth - all completely unexplained.

7 of the Weirdest Human Enigmas
Unsolved mysteries of people of unknown origin, fate and astonishing abilities

Amazing Missing Links
Astonishing cases of creatures that might have been ape-human hybrids, surviving hominids, or some weird evolutionary throwback.

The Elusive Little People
Leprechauns... elves... fairies... they're all just characters of folklore, figments of the imagination... right? Amazingly, there are eyewitnesses who claim they are very real!

Encounters with Black-eyed People
There's something more than just odd about these black-eyed people. Those who have encountered them sense an air of evil, of malevolence. They say there's a feeling of darkness, demonic... not human. Oh, and never let them in your house if they come knocking. Here are some true stories.

Gallery of Human Mysteries and Anomalies
Photos of Human Mysteries and Anomalies

Human Mysteries - True Stories
True stories of a wide variety of human mysteries, from electric people to the invisible.

The Incredible Powers of D. D. Home
He could levitate tables - and himself - in full view of witnesses, elongate his body, and hold burning embers in his bare hands. Was he the greatest supernatural medium of his time... or the best magician?

Invasion of the Black-Eyed People
They have been encountered in coffee shops, stores and rest stops. They'll even knock on your door. But there's something about them. Something evil. Something inhuman.

I Think She’s Dead... Lift Up the Body...
A game of "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" turned out to be much scarier for Rose and her friends. This is Rose's story.

Men in Black - Unmasked
Are they part of a mysterious, sinister organization intent on keeping the reality of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena secret?

Michael Jackson and the Paranormal
As if it weren't all weird enough, the "King of Pop" has connections to the psychic and ghosts.

The "Old Hag" Syndrome
Here is the superstition, the feelings, and the facts behind the phenomenon known as Old Hag Syndrome.

Old Hag Experiences - True Stories
True stories of people who have had the paralyzing experience of the Old Hag Syndrome.

Old Hag Syndrome - Tell Your Story or Ideas
Readers are asked to tell of their experiences or their ideas about the Old Hag Syndrome.

The Phenomenon of Reverse Speech
Are there hidden messages and meanings in the things we say that can only be understood when heard in reverse? Or is the phenomenon just an interesting illusion?

The REAL X-Men
They have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men or women. But unlike the characters of the comic book, these extraordinary people were quite real.

Saddam Hussein and the Paranormal
Some believe the Iraqi dictator had bizarre connections to reincarnation, UFOs, giant scorpions... and that he was immortal.

Saint-Germain: The Immortal Count
Count de Saint-Germain was a brilliant alchemist who, it is believed, discovered the secret of eternal life. He courted Europe's rich and famous for hundreds of years... and some believe he still lives.

SLIders & the Streetlight Phenomenon
Do streetlights suddenly go out when you pass beneath them? Do watches or credit cards stop working in your possession? Perhaps you are a SLIder.

More Illumination on SLI
Streetlights are blinking off all over the place. But what's the cause? Some weird psychic phenomenon? Or is there a simpler explanation for this ubiquitous occurrence?

Spontaneous Human Invisibility
Incredible accounts of people who suddenly and inexplicably become completely invisible - in their homes, at parties - even in crowded stores. Plus, perhaps how you can make yourself invisible!

The Truth About the Superman Curse
There's as much circumstantial evidence to suggest there isn't a curse as there is to suggest there is.

What Color is Your Aura?
Are auras representations of bioelectric fields that can be seen, felt, and controlled? Or are they merely fanciful illusions?

Flying Girl in Russian Woods
A Russian guy is out in the woods when he comes across a small girl that appears to be flying or levitating.

The Fishing Trip Encounter
What could have been a fun weekend of fishing and relaxation for four teenage boys turned into a confusing and frightening episode of unreality, bizarre sightings and missing time.

Suffocating Sleep Paralysis
Suffocating Sleep Paralysis - Your True Tales - March 2013

Strange, Stumbling Fog People
Strange, Stumbling Fog People - Your True Tales - September 2012

Jeepers Creepers, What a Flying Humanoid!
Jeepers Creepers, What a Flying Humanoid! - Your True Tales - August 2012

Old Hag Will Not Be Denied
Old Hag Will Not Be Denied - Your True Tales - December 2012

Just a Dream... Or Was It?
Your True Story of Just a Dream... Or Was It? - January 2011

That's. Not. Audrey.
our True Story of That's. Not. Audrey. - January 2011

Odd Messages from Rushing Strangers

Freaked Out by the Old Hag
Your True Tales of Freaked Out by the Old Hag - December 2013

Dark Visitors: Black-Eyed Kids - Horror or Hoax?
Does the black-eyed kids phenomenon have a basis in fact, or is it a product of our misperceptions and fears?

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