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Strange, Stumbling Fog People



My story happened approximately ten years ago in mid-summer, in Lake county, Indiana, just north of Crown point.

Here is what happened: My mom worked evenings and would commute from Hammond to Crown point, which depending on the traffic can take an hour or more. My mom got off work at 10 p.m., but something was wrong with her car, so she called home asking my dad to come pick her up.

My dad did not want to leave me and my siblings home alone with our untrustworthy neighbors, so we all got in his car and drove to Crown Point.

When we were almost there, we stopped at a red light and I looked out the window and saw these strange people. They where all dirty and stumbling around on the edge of a corn field, and they all seemed to have the same face!

I then turned to my dad and was going to ask if he saw them too, but he was looking out his window into the forest on our left. Not only was there fog that came out of nowhere, but we saw green and purple lights flying around between the trees!

I said, "What's going on?" and my dad said, "I don't know, but let's get mom and then get out of this place!"

Before we could go, the strange-looking people were stumbling across the street, even though the light had just turned green. And they were glaring at us like we were in the way! And I could now see that they were wearing tattered clothing.

After we got my mom, we drove through the same intersection again and the lights, people and fog were all gone!

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