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Would-Be Boyfriend Coincidence



Back in high school, there was this guy who was super cute! I had a crush on him, but he was older than me, so I decided to get his attention by hanging out in the gym during lunch where he lifted weights. Sure enough, a few days passed and I got his attention. We never really talked, but he would make fun of me coming to lift weights in long boots and short dresses, and he even walked me to class.

A few weeks passed and I hadn't heard from him, so I asked his friend, who told me that he had been kicked out of school for a reason I will not post on here.

I never forgot his face, although I had forgotten his name over time. Every now and then, he kept popping up in my mind, and I always tried to remember his name to look for him on Facebook... but nothing.

Eight years after we first met, I was living with my sister. One night we were talking about high school and the history of the town. She was telling me about her boyfriend and I was telling her about the guy who I thought was going to be my boyfriend, but I had never heard from him again.

Just as I finished that story, I looked up some historical fact about the city. I clicked on a random picture toward the bottom of the page and a huge picture of the guy popped up on the screen! I nearly had a heart attack! "THAT'S HIM!" I started shrieking in joy! "That's the guy from my story!"

My sister looked up at me with dread. I was standing up literally jumping for joy, but she had already read the article. It turned out that he was killed in action in Iraq. We both looked at each other. I cried a little because it was so shocking, but once it had passed we talked about what the chances could be that I would find that picture of him right when I was talking about him.

I went to a psychic, who told me that people who cross like to be remembered and that it was possible he had wanted me to remember his name and find out that he had passed on. Could it have been a big coincidence... or was it more?

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