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Men in Black - Captured on Video

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Men in Black surveillance video

Men in Black surveillance video

Aerial Phenomena Investigations Team

Men in Black - Captured on Video

This video provided by UFO researchers, the Aerial Phenomena Investigations Team based in Maryland, purports to show genuine, mysterious Men in Black. According to the story, these two strange guys came into a hotel lobby in Niagara Falls asking after one of the employees, who had made a UFO sighting report. (He wasn't working that day.)

According to witnesses who saw these men in person, they were dressed identically in black (as you can see in the video), complete with out of date hats. The men looked so much the same that witnesses supposed they were twins. The had very pale complexions, large blue hypnotic eyes, no eyebrows or eyelashes, and possibly wigs for hair. And they didn't blink.

They were said to talk strangely "about governments and conspiracies" and scared some of the hotel employees.


That's the story anyway that goes along with this video. Is it just a story. Is it merely a hoax.

The witness descriptions of the two men are very much like the classic Men in Black descriptions, having a very odd, almost alien-like appearance (or like aliens trying to look like humans), and behaving in an odd manner.

We can only comment on what we see in the video, however. We do see the two men, dressed as described, and they appear to be about the same height. They also look like they might be pale in complexion. They appear to walk in a normal manner. But that's all we see.

From the video, we cannot confirm the large blue eyes, the lack of eyebrows and eyelids, or that they don't blink.

My guess is that this is an elaborate prank, or possibly even a planted video to subtly promote the upcoming Men in Black III movie. If they were genuine Men in Black -- presumably aliens, interdimensionals, or time travelers -- why would they continue to look and behave in such an obvious, attention-getting way? Why go to the trouble of trying to question a hotel employee about a rather routine UFO sighting? It doesn't make sense.

That it's a prank makes much more sense. I'm not saying the Aerial Phenomena Investigations Team is responsible for the prank, but someone is. What do you think?

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