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Life After Death, Near-Death Experience

Near-death experience - stories and theories. Life after death.

Animals Teach Us About Death

This article says that death is not a single moment, but a process of transformation, from a holding on to a letting go into some new form.

An Impossible Dream?

There has been lot of effort to scientifically establish the reality of life after death, blogs Michael Prescott. At best we have the probability of life after death, but it has not clinched the case. Why? Maybe it's impossible, he says.

Are Near Death Experiences Real?

Are NDEs actually the dying experiences, the result of normal brain function at the point of death, or are they the result of brain dysfunction creating a hallucination triggered by the biological stresses of dying, drugs, and a lack of oxygen to the brain?

Can Science Explain Heaven?

The thesis of this skeptical article is simple: NDEs are not real, or even a process or a supernatural event. It's something that happens in your brain as you die.

The Case for Life After Death

If life after death cannot be proved scientifically, is it then intellectually irresponsible to accept it? Only if you assume that it is intellectually irresponsible to accept anything that cannot be proved scientifically.

Chess Game Offers Strong Evidence for Life After Death

The Viktor Korchnoi vs. Géza Maróczy chess game, which began in 1985 and ended in 1993, is without a doubt one of the most intriguing cases ever in the annals of psychical research.

Claims of Communicating with the Dead

The paranatural paradigm deals with other dimensions of reality beyond our own and apart from the supernatural. Philosopher Paul Kurtz examines the paradigm in the context of life after death. From Skeptical Inquirer.

Consciousness Beyond Life: An Experience

Researcher Pim van Lommel relates the fascinating story of a woman who experienced a near-death experience during delivery of her baby.

A Critique of After-Death Communication Studies

Studies with mediums were reported as scientific proof of life after death. But their experiments did not employ blind judging and had insufficient safeguards against sensory leakage, says Skeptical Inquirer.

Death Before Life After Life

Accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs) before they came into the public consciousness through Raymond Moody's 1975 book "Life After Life."

Discourses on Life After Death

There are several short and interesting articles here focusing on early psychical research into the possibility of life after death, after-death communication and near-death experiences.


This website describes a theory about what happens to us after death, accounting for virtually all the reports emerging from modern research into afterlife phenomena – and more.

Dreaming with the Departed

We don't need to go to psychics to have contact with departed loved ones, says Robert Moss. We can have direct communication with our departed, in timely and helpful ways, if we are willing to pay attention to our dreams.

Edgar Cayce's NDEs and Revelations

Cayce, over the span of his lifetime, had more near-death experiences than anyone ever documented, and was able to gain a tremendous amount of information through his frequent NDEs. Here's some of it.

The Gate of Life

Near death experiences are remarkable in that the individual's experience does not stop with the experience itself. Here's how we can harness the empowering and beneficial experiences without trauma or risk.

Heaven and Hell

NDE experiencer George Ritchie relates what he learned about the good place and the bad place in the afterlife.

Insights into the Afterlife: What to Expect

Nora M. Spurgin answers 30 common questions, including: "What will we look like in the spirit world?" and "Can we enjoy food, drink and sex?"

The International Survivalist Society

An Internet resource on psychical research and survival after death.

Into the Light

Dr. Melvin Morse's site on children's NDEs. He's done extensive research and written books on the subject. Includes kids' drawings.

Irrefutable Evidence of Life after Death?

A spirit communication from airman Captain Raymond Hinchliffe, who was lost at sea attempting a trans-Atlantic flight leads to information from the victims of the 1930 crash. Many voices were reportedly heard from beyond the grave, including that of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Lawyer Argues Case for the Afterlife

Victor Zammit, a lawyer, says there is irrefutable evidence of life after death, and he expounds on it in this book-length site. Should we believe a lawyer?

Life Beyond Death

Covers the purpose of death, the nature of life beyond death, how we can prepare for death and how we can assist the dying.

Light with Variations

Near-death experience reveals three different kinds of subjective light. Author P. M. H. Atwater says that any type of near-death experience can be life changing.

The Passing – and Life Afterward

For those whose inquiring minds seek beyond a blind faith in this promise, Esoteric Christianity, this article says, offers the comfort of logical and satisfying details concerning the Spirit's activities after the physical body is discarded.

Personal Survival After Death

Explores the connections among NDE, out-of-body experiences, visions, apparitions and more.

Photographic Evidence of Life After Death

Old photographs purporting to show materialized spirits, ectoplasm, etc. Not very convincing.

Plugged in with Dannion Brinkley

An article from Atlantis Rising about Brinkley, who has had one of the most dynamic near-death experiences ever recorded. Plus his ideas and theories.


Two days after the 777-foot British dirigible R-101 crashed in flames, the London medium Eileen Garrett, while in a trance, began to convey messages purporting to come from Lt. H.C. Irwin, who had died aboard the R-101.

Souvenir from the Other Side

While hot-air ballooning  over the Austrian Alps, Lynnclaire Dennis lost consciousness at an altitude of 17,000 feet and passed through a richly textured near-death experience.

The Spirit World and Spirit Karma

At the moment of death, this article says, the "spirit" or consciousness of the person leaves via the crown centre at the top of the head regardless of whether one is spiritually advanced or not.

Spontaneous Contact with the Dead

Reprint of an excellent D. Scott Rogo article, which notes that contact with the dead – or at least experiences which people believe represent such communication – is relatively frequent in our culture.

Survival of Death

The question of survival after death could be made more specific: Survival of what? Personal identity? Consciousness? An immortal soul? The notion of survival after death is a matter of ongoing controversy among parapsychologists.

Two 19th Century NDEs

There are many reports of near-death experiences that predate popular interest in the subject. Here are two mentioned in the book "Guided by Spirit."

A Voyage to Knowledge of the Afterlife

Do the many levels of consciousness that we can access in "out-of-body" travels prove the existence of life beyond this one?

Walk-Ins and Wanderers

A walk-in is thought to be a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and been replaced with a new soul.

What Could Life Beyond Death Be Like?

Some anti-suvivalists have given the impression that no significant information about the life beyond death has been given through mediums. But the literature indicates otherwise, this article says.

What Happens When We Die?

Dr. Sam Parnia of the Human Consciousness Project discusses a 3-year exploration of the biology behind "out-of-body" experiences.

What I Saw in Heaven

Don Piper says he died and then lived to tell the tale. He describes what happened on his journey to the afterlife.

What the Spirits Told the Professor

Dr. Robert Hare, a professor of chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, started out as a disbeliever and expected to debunk mediumship. After receiving messages from his deceased parents and sister, he became a convert.

When the Silver Cord is Severed

The silver cord appears to be the spiritual counterpart of the umbilical cord. While the umbilical cord must be severed when we come into the material world, the silver cord must be severed when we return to the real world.

Where Do We Go After Death?

Where does the person go after his death until his rebirth on Earth? Is it a single place or are there a variety of places? If so, what are the factors that decide where a particular person will go to after death?

Why You Might Not Realize You Are Dead

There have been numerous messages and signs from the spirit world indicating that many spirits are slow in recognizing that they are "dead," some floundering in this state for a long time.

Will Modern Technology Prove Proof of Survival?

Is there proof that the spirit world exists? Many scientists are skeptical of the possibility of life after death, but this attitude may change as new technology creates equipment that can do amazing things.

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What Happens When We Die?

Dr. Sam Parnia of the Human Consciousness Project discusses a 3-year exploration of the biology behind "out-of-body" experiences.
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