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The Miracle of David

A remarkable psychic connection in life – and beyond


Few relationships are as profound as those between a mother and her children. The relationship between Nancy C. and her son, David, however, was marked by an added dimension – a remarkable psychic connection that bound them throughout the tragic challenges of David’s young life... and beyond. This is Nancy and David’s true story:

David was my second son. He was born on my birthday. Since David was born, I felt that I was going to lose him, but I did not feel confident that anyone, especially my own parents, would believe me. Since I was a little girl, I have had the ability to foresee the future, mostly tragedies. Not many people, especially family members, believed in the paranormal. I just knew what I felt and I always followed through.

So every time either David or his brother Carl, who was 22 months older than David, seemed ill or would not eat, I would take them to the doctor. Their doctor felt that I was just a nervous mother. Carl was thriving well, thankfully. Yet, although I couldn't put my finger on it, I knew something was going to happen to David.

The frightening discovery

By the time David was in first grade, something compelled me look at the back of his head. I didn't see anything, of course, but I felt that something was going to be there. It didn't take too much longer. Once David started second grade and was now eight years old, he came home from school one day and complained about a headache. This was very unusual for him and I had a sinking feeling inside of me, but I did not panic. I kept a close eye on him. I gave him an analgesic and told him to lie down, but to tell me if he felt another headache coming on.

The headaches progressed. I started getting calls from his teacher. I took him to the doctor, who felt that David might merely be showing symptoms of stress. I didn't buy that diagnosis at all. He was now projectile vomiting and by this time could barely walk, making his way with an unsteady gait. The doctor took an X-ray of David's sinus, which he said showed he had a sinus infection. I told the doctor he was wrong and I felt that my son needed to have a CT scan or an MRI. Although I already knew what was going to happen, I was not going to let my son leave me without a good fight.

David was scheduled for a CT scan. Two days before the scan, I had a premonition of David's illness. I knew he had a brain tumor. I called the doctor's answering service to have him call me. The doctor called me back and said that I was absolutely wrong. He said that David's symptoms did not coincide with someone that had a brain tumor. I didn't care. I knew my son was going to leave me. I felt it.

David had his CT scan... which proved my feelings were correct. David indeed had a brain tumor. I felt my whole world coming to an end, plus I had another child that needed me. I prayed that maybe God would give David a chance and give me the tumor. I would suffer and die for my children any day.

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