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Ghost Messages - True Stories - 2


One of the key pieces of anecdotal evidence we have for live after death is when people who have died return to relay messages -- in various forms -- to the living. Here are true stories.


11:11 - Mom's Last Text

Mom leaves a message on a cell phone.

Dad Watches Us

Who is that peeking out of the window at dad's wake? Could it be... ?

Daddy's Voice

A woman hears her dead father say, "I'm here."

Death Knocks for Mam

An other worldly knocking -- rap, rap, rap -- comes from the window behind a dying woman's bed.

Death Knocks in Illinois

Three knock foretell illness and death.

A Father's Message

A ghost is very insistent that his some knows he's okay.

The Ghost Unlocked the Door

Mysterious goings-on could be a message from mom.

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