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Lunar Anomalies

Strange, unexplained and mysterious artificial objects on the Moon.

Strange Things on the Moon
Several anomalous shapes and structures on the lunar surface have been photographed. What could they be -- and who put them there?

Whats on the Far Side of the Moon?
UFO theorists and even a remote viewer say the mysterious far side of the moon is a harbor for alien bases. Is there proof?

3 Unanswered Questions About Our Moon
Scientists argue that it doesn't matter that humans have "been there", there is plenty we still don't know about our moon.

Aliens Have Been On The Moon Since Ancient Times
The moon isn't the wasteland that NASA claims it to be, this article claims. But is there something that didn't originate from this world on the surface of the moon?

Aliens on the Moon
Looks at photos of features on the surface of the Moon, with the possibility in mind that some of them might be artificial.

The Archimedes Platform
An examination of what the authors say is an anomalous feature that some think is a suspended structure. Frankly, I don't see it.

The Blair Cuspids: A Mystery Revisited
A photo taken by Lunar Orbiter 2 of a region on the western edge of the Sea of Tranquility shows several objects casting unusually long shadows.

Fast Walker Across Moon
On June 17, 1997, an unidentified object passed across Joe Pitonzo's field of view as he observed the moon with his 8-inch telescope.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon
This site offers video and photographic "evidence" that the Apollo moon missions were hoaxed. They're selling a video, but there are some free clips and info.

Lessons of the "Fake Moon Flight" Myth
"Skeptical Inquirer" goes after those who say the Apollo moon landings were hoaxed.

Lunar Anomalies Indicate Artificial Moon
You really have to dig into this page to find the "evidence" for its claim, but it has something to do with the moon being hollow.

The Moon and Its Rilles
Planetary scientists describe it as a stupendous channel cut by flowing lava. But on closer examination, Schroeter's Valley and its many counterparts on the Moon refute all attempts to categorize them in such terms.

Moon Wars
The controversy about whether or not we went to the Moon, and whether or not NASA is hiding the existence of extraterrestrial life on Mars, has reached the mainstream media. What is going on? And could it be that something altogether different is happening?

The Moon - What Is It And Who Made It?
New research shows that our Moon is much older than originally thought. Earth is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old. However, Moon rocks were dated at 5.3 billion years old, and the dust upon which they rested was about one billion years older. Who put it there and why?

More Moon Evidence
How is it possible, this article asks, that certain rocks shown in official NASA moon photos are absolutely identical? It's not possible, so the photos have been doctored. Why?

NASA's Anomalies Above the Moon
This YouTube video is a compilation of NASA film taken by the Apollo missions that include anomalies on and around the moon. Some are rather intriguing.

Space Anomalies
Mostly lunar anomalies are discussed on this site, including mysterious lights on the moon, strange-looking craters and more.

Transient Lunar Phenomena
The Moon is dominated by gigantic circular structures where unusual luminous discharges have been observed. Are they indicative of past electrical events?

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