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Strange Things on the Moon


There's a lot we know about the moon: It's roughly one-sixth the size of the Earth, is about 4.6 billion years old, is approximately 238,000 miles distant from the Earth, has no atmosphere, and is covered with fine gray powder. We've walked on the moon during six Apollo missions, and we've sent many more probes there to map it and study it.

But there's much we don't know about it, too. We're not sure where it came from. Some think it might be a broken-off chunk of Earth. Although there's evidence that the moon once had active volcanoes, we're not sure if it's still geologically active.

The moon has more controversial mysteries, too. Some think aliens have or once had bases there. Some think there's stuff on the moon - other than the Apollo debris - that the government knows about, but is not telling us. There are many enigmatic photos that seem to show shapes and structures on the lunar surface that don't fit conventional explanations.

Here's a look at some of those lunar anomalies:

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The ShardThe ShardThe CastleThe CastleUkert CraterUkert CraterStrange ReflectionStrange Reflection
FastwalkerFastwalkerLunar cylinderLunar CylinderLunik 13 artifactLunik 13 Artifact
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