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UFO By the Old Red Barn



This incident happened when I was around 10 years old. I lived in a very small farming community in Oklahoma. Keep in mind this was summertime around 40 years ago. I don't tell many people about this; everytime I do, they look at me like I'm nuts.

I walked out the back door of our house and headed for the old red barn, where my bike was stored. The barn was only about 50 feet away from the house. As I got closer to the barn, I heard a low-pitched humming noise that seemed to come from behind the barn. I stood for a few minutes, trying to figure out what in the world was going on!

I started toward the barn, and as I became closer, the humming noise became louder. Suddenly, a spinning disk about 8 to 10 feet across flew out from behind the barn and actually flew within 10 feet of where I was standing in shock. I say "flew," but the action and movement of the object was curious.

It was a dull silver color, was shaped like the planet Saturn, with a ring or band spinning rapidly around it, seeming to create the "humming" noise. The center, which resembled a silver ball, seemed to be stationary. There were no windows or any other markings on it, just a dull silver rapidly revolving band or rings.

It darted in front of me, paused, and then rapidly took off, flying behind the barn again. I could still hear the "humming" noise, so I knew it was hiding. At that point I was telling myself I was seeing things. Really NOT wanting to see exactly WHAT this thing was, I turned around and went into the barn to get the bike, telling myself I COULDN'T have seen what I saw.

I got on my bike, and started to peddle out to the street in front of our house. I stopped suddenly and could hear the humming noise again. I stopped the bike, and when I looked up, the object was hovering over a tall tree in the neighbor's yard! I gasped, and the thing seemed to know I was aware of its presence and quickly moved behind the tree, as if to hide.

At that point, I took off running toward the house, and burst in the kitchen, where my mother was cooking. When I told my parents about what I saw, they just laughed it off... but I KNOW I saw this thing. It seemed aware of my actions and actually seemed to be WATCHING me. What was it?

I tried to convince myself the first time I spotted it, I was seeing things... but the second time? I swear upon all that is holy this is a TRUE event... and I have never seen anything remotely similar since then.

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