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Ridiculous UFO Cover-Up



In the early autumn of 1988, I was 11 years old and playing with friends in their front yard on the east side of San Antonio, Texas. At one point, I looked up and saw a very large, circular metallic object with a lot of blinking lights in the distance, flying so fast it seemed out of control.

I said to the other kids, "Look, a UFO!" They all saw it, too, and we watched it fly away until it was out of sight. We were so excited and amazed we ran to tell our parents. They thought we were playing a joke on them and didn't believe us. They told us to go watch TV in the house. This was before it was common to have cable TV, so we watched a movie on network TV.

The movie was soon interrupted by local newscasters with breaking news that a UFO had not only been sighted by many people, but had crash landed in Natalia, Texas. We called our parents in to see the news, and it was only then did they believe us.

Three days later, a newscaster reported that the UFO turned out to be a Russian satellite (this was during the Cold War). I remember thinking that was a ridiculous cover up, and still do to this day. I remember vividly what I saw that evening, and more than twenty years later I can still say what I saw was not of this earth.

I have never seen anything similar in all of my research, nor have I heard of any aircraft with such a large mass flying quietly and at the rate of speed this thing was flying. There is also a very secretive and ultra secure military installation in this area. Sadly, I cannot find any articles or media regarding this event. It was covered up at great lengths.

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