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UFO Over Sri Lanka



This happened in 2004 at a time when a rumor was spreading all over the country (Sri Lanka) that UFOs were seen hovering in the sky at night. So many people had their own witnesses that they saw little people in gold or silver.

First I must say I am someone who believes in life in outer space and paranormal things very much, though I have fewer experiences. I have never seen a ghost at all, but have had a few wicked experiences, but they are not that important.

At about 7 p.m., I was having a shower and was watching the sky through the fan light, as I was addicted to watching the night sky. I always wanted to see something special in the night sky and it used to make my mind happy. At least I spotted a satellite whenever I was looking up.

That day I suddenly noticed an awkward type of object moving forward. I can't say the distance between the object and where I was. But it just had the shape and size of a rugger ball, and was moving forward while bumping up and down. It was not an airplane or a helicopter because it had no sound, and was not flying too far away from the land. But not in the position we can catch it, but up in the sky too close to the ground.

And no one can call it a jet because it was moving so slowly, and there's no other way for me to say it: it was just like a Rugger ball and was fully lit up with a yellowish beam. It just made me madly laugh because of the way it moved. Like a bumping ball and was very awkward. It moved to the south.

I called my father loudly as I heard he was doing something in the garden and asked him to look up. He too saw the thing and he was just amazed not knowing what it was. And he called out my mother and brother also, and they saw it, too. I was sad because at the time I was having a bath and could not take a photo of the thing, so I just climbed on to the tap and watched the thing. It flew far away, heading south.

After about two days, the main topic in the news stations was UFOs. Galle is a city located in the southern province of my country and much news was reported that people had seen some little fellows in a forest, a crop circle, and UFOs. That was amazing to hear because I have had my own eyewitness that I saw the related UFO. I truly believe that it was a flying saucer, but unluckily we don't know whether the people in my area have seen a thing like that. Sometimes they might have seen, but we never asked because in my country people are not that interested in such things and they would never believe. Even when the news papers reported about the thing, people used to say, "Leave it... rubbish."

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