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UFO Should Have Hit My House



This incident happened to me as a small child of six. My parents just built a house in a new neighborhood in the suburbs of Flemington, New Jersey. It's a very historical town. Our house rested on a hill, and my bedroom window faced south. When I looked out, I could see straight over the top of our next door neighbor's house because of the slant of the property.

At night before I went to sleep, I would rest my head on my hands and peer out the window at the stars, making wishes and praying for a better life. (I grew up in a not-so-friendly household.)

one night as I was looking at the stars and making wishes, I spotted what I assumed was a low-flying airplane. As I watched it, I noticed it seemed to get larger, then realized with amazement that it was coming straight at me! It was picking up speed and my heart quickened as I realized with horror that it was going to crash straight through my window!

Before it hit, I got a good look at it. It wasn't shaped like an airplane at all. It was dome-shaped and on its side, like what a bullet looks like when it's being shot out of a gun. The width was extremely large and it had red lights encircled around its "base." The very tip of it, at the end of the dome, was another big red light. It had no "wings" or discernible features that would help keep it up in the air.

I immediately sprung away from the window, tripping over my own feet on the floor and fell backwards, hitting the carpet on my bottom with a thud. I sat there dazed as it soon hit me that... NOTHING HAPPENED. At the speed that thing was going, it was sure to hit my house within milliseconds of me falling away from the window. Confused, I got up and looked out through my blinds to see an empty night sky, only the twinkling stars staring back at me.

Where did the craft go? This enormous object should have collided with my house, but it was nowhere to be seen! I stood there, my mouth hanging open, in total shock for what was probably the good part of the night. I had no explanation for what happened. I hadn't been dreaming and I wasn't on any kind of medication. I mentioned it the next day to my parents, who only laughed it off. And when I inquired with my neighborhood friends, nobody confirmed my sighting. I still am completely baffled as to what I had seen that night.

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