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Battling UFOs



My first UFO sighting was in Camilla, Georgia when I was 10. We were visiting my granddad's brother and I was outside jumping on the trampoline at night. I got tired of that, so decided to swim. They had the coolest set up. Trampoline and a pool! Too awesome.

So I was floating on my back looking at the stars when I noticed one moving really fast. Just a white dot, no other lights, moving from one horizon to the other in about 15 seconds. "Weird" I thought. I told my granddad about it and he asked, of course, "Did you see the aircraft's lights?"

"No granddad, it was just a white light and it went like this...." I moved my finger above my head. He suggested maybe it was a satellite. I said, "Yeah maybe," and forgot all about it.

Fast-forward to 1998. I was on a date. We were walking around downtown Charleston when we decide to go to the pier. There were a lot of people lying back on the benches (they're just big squares with no backs). So we found a spot and laid back to look at the stars, too. Everyone started pointing up and asking, "What is that? Do you see that?" Above us in the sky there were about five "stars" dancing with each other, like playing tag. After half an hour of watching this, they all disappeared. Just zipped off in different directions. Everyone was pretty freaked out.

But that was nothing compared to my most recent encounter. My husband and I shared smokes on the back porch and look at the stars. In September of 2012 we noticed some movement in the sky. Little lights moving in irregular patterns. Then it would zip away when a small aircraft would come into the vicinity. The lights were not terribly close that I could see shape, it was just a blue or orange colored dot. Well, usually we would only see one light at a time, but this night there were two. One an orange, the other a blue.

We stood watching them for a long time, at least 45 minutes, before we realized there was an interaction between the two "ships." The only way to describe it is they were dog fighting. We could see tiny dots of light flying between them and they were circling each other. Then, all of a sudden, the blue ship lit up like a Fourth of July mortar. Just a quick flash of white light. The orange ship made as if to zip away, paused, then quickly moved to the south. I kept looking for the blue ship but it wasn't there. When the orange ship went behind a tree, I ran up the side yard to see where it was going, only when I came out of the coverage it was gone.

All I know is when I saw that big ball of light where the blue ship was, my heart sank. I don't know why they were fighting. Who won? Good? Bad? I haven't seen anything since, but then again I don't smoke anymore. I quit in October.

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