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UFOs and Aliens - True Stories


31. UFO in the Cow Pasture

"There were variously colored lights along its sides in intervals. The lights were steady, not blinking: red, yellow and, I think, green...."

32. UFO Over Chico

"As we all laughed at the little "beep" from the car's horns, we all kinda looked up at the same time -- and there it was. It was almost as if it materialized out of thin air, like it had been cloaked...."

33. UFO Over Kingston Upon Hull

"This object resolved from a very star-like point to a classic saucer-shaped craft, which is something we had never seen before...."

34. UFO Over Sri Lanka

It just had the shape and size of a rugger ball, and was moving forward while bumping up and down....

35. UFO Over Tacoma

"We both looked up in wonder at the UFO. It was similar to a blimp in size and shape, yet it was white. It made no noise and just floated in place...."

36. UFO Over the Mountains

"Suddenly I saw on the horizon a small metallic object moving at a very slow speed. It was just hovering above the horizon...."

37. UFO Should Have Hit My House

"One night I spotted what I assumed was a low-flying airplane. As I watched it, I noticed it seemed to get larger, then realized with amazement that it was coming straight at me...!"

38. UFO Sighting Begins Strangeness

"What appeared at the end of the block took my breath away! Four points of light, just like ordinary stars, yellowish white in colour, moving in formation, in kind of a diamond or kite shape...!"

39. UFOs and Ghosts

"The strange objects flew back and forth over us, and even circled around each other. After about 15 minutes, we watched each one shoot over the tree line at the speed of light...."

40. UFOs Mimic the Stars

"Suddenly, as we were gazing at the big W, the whole formation started moving slowly toward the east...!"
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