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Mars Anomalies

Strange, unexplained and artificial objects on Mars and its moons, including the Face on Mars, pyramids and other anomalies.

NASA Photoshops Mars Curiosity Images
NASA is apparently digitally altering photos from Mars by copying and pasting segments of pictures into other areas. The question is: Why?

The Most Mysterious Anomalies of Mars
A gallery of photos showing mysterious anomalies on the planet Mars, which may indicate a current or past civilization.

The Face on Mars: Once and for All
For almost 25 years, it has been the subject of wonder, debate and wild speculation. And despite new images that seemed to have settled the matter, the possibility of some unknown history or civilization continues to fascinate us.

Mars: Evidence of Life and Past Civilization?
Intriguing photographs from orbiting probes hint at large, growing life forms, and perhaps even the ruins of a technologically advanced Martian culture.

More Mysteries of Mars
The robots we've sent to the Red Planet are sending back photos containing some anomalous and highly intriguing features.

The Most Perplexing Anomalies of Mars
Mysterious boulders, strange pyramids, amazing city-like structures and startling, unexplained "glass worms" are all a part of the enigmatic landscape of the Red Planet.

Artificial Construct on Mars?
Another look at more weird tunnel-like structures on Mars. These are even stranger than the so-called "glass tunnels." Plus, what may be another Rushmore-sized face.

Artificial Structures on Mars
Tom Van Flandern of Meta Research presents some very interesting, detailed photos of Mars' surface that he says are highly convincing proof of intelligently created structures. Quite fascinating.

Artificial Structures on Martian Moon?
Do close-up photos of Phobos snapped by the Martian Global Surveyor show some anomalies?

Cydonia Imperative
Lots of intersting photos here examining the anomalies on Mars, including pryamids, what looks like vegetation, weird shapes and possible fossils of lifeforms.

The Enterprise Mission
Richard Hoagland's page, with photos and examinations of several different anomalous structures on Mars.

Face on Mars/Shroud of Turin Comparison
Thought you had heard every wild thing about the "face on Mars"? Here it is compared to the "face of Jesus" on the Shroud of Turin.

Mars Fossil Images
This site presents several photos taken by the Mars rovers that show objects that look very much like fossils found on Earth.

The Monolith on Phobos
In 1998, the Mars Global Surveyor took several photographs of Mars’ satellite Phobos with its high-resolution camera. Does it show a monolith jutting from the surface?

NASA Knew There Were Fossils on Mars
Provides many photos as evidence of past life on Mars, both plant and animal, and wonders why NASA doesn't just admit it.

Mysterious Structure Discovered on Mars
A video takes from Google Mars that appears to show a large building-like structure in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

BioStation Alpha on Mars - What do you think of the BioStation Alpha on Mars...
Readers are asked their opinion of the BioStation Alpha on Mars video.

UFOs on Martian horizon
Two anomalous object are seen in this video from the Mars Curiosity rover, one ascending and one flying across the horizon.

What do you think of the video showing UFOs on the Martian horizon?
Readers are asked their opinion of the video showing unknown objects flying across the Martian horizon.

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