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Witch or Aliens?



Several odd incidents have happened to me throughout the years that I can only relate to UFOs or other unexplainable things. I do not like to think they are aliens because that is something that deeply disturbs me. But what else could these be....?

Two of the incidents happened within the last couple of years. The first, I was out with my boyfriend one night driving home from the movies when six large, circular lights began rotating in the sky. We pulled over in a large field, and other cars stopped to watch as well. We watched these large lights circulating for about 15 minutes before they blinked out. They didn't come back.

The second incident happened just two years ago while driving home at night with my mom. Two large, bright white lights seemed to appear in the sky just overhead of our community water tower. They began growing bigger and bigger, almost to the point where they must have each been at least as big as a house. Then they vanished and suddenly appeared on the other side of the night sky. There is no way anything man made could've moved that fast in the blink of an eye! Clearly frightened, my mom steered the car home.

But my very first incident happened when I was about seven. It terrified me at that point and still terrifies me to this day, but I would like to share it in hope, perhaps, someone else has had this experience.

One chilly day during the winter, I was walking with my dad in the woods. I don't know the exact events leading up to it, but somehow I had gotten seperated from him. It was beginning to grow dark and I began to panic. I came upon a wide-open field with a single gnarled old tree in the center of it. Something moved beneath it, and I realized there was someone sitting there. Elated in thinking that it was my dad, I dashed over.

When I got within about 10 yards of the tree, though, I noticed it wasn't my dad at all, but what looked like a very ugly old hag crouched on the gnarled roots with a twisted old cane in her grasp. She turned and gazed at me through a tangle of knotted gray hair. I stopped dead and terror struck my heart and pumped through my body, all the way to my bones. The old woman started to make a strange wheezing noise and lifted a shaky hand in my direction, as if to beckon me to come to her. I stood rooted to the spot, however, my heart in my throat.

Then I heard my dad calling my name. I turned my head briefly to see that he was at the edge of the woods, waving frantically and running toward me. I glanced back only to see that the old woman was gone! Completely vanished into thin air! And there was nowhere she could've gone without me or my dad noticing. I scanned the entire field and we were definitely the only life in it. My dad scooped me up and carried me the whole way back to our car.

I related what I had seen to him and he simply shook his head like he didn't believe me. I remember seeing on the news later that night that weird objects and lights were later seen over that spot in the woods. My dad jokingly said the old woman I saw was an alien and the lights were her spaceship. Honestly, I don't think his story is that far off.

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