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Triangular UFO Over Yakima



This took place in the summer of 1979-1980. I was living in Yakima, Washington at the time and I was living with a roommate who had just separated from her husband. She had just given birth to her fourth child, who was about two maybe four months old. My five-year-old daughter, my roommate and I (who was breast feeding the baby) were watching TV. It was just after dusk.

As I sat watching TV, I heard the sound of helicopters over our upper-story apartment. They just kept getting louder and louder until they were almost deafening. So I got up and looked out our kitchen window, and what I saw I will never forget. Just above the very high tree in the back yard was a huge triangle-shaped ship. It was so large it completely blocked out the sky. Since it was just after dusk, it was still reasonably light and it was clearly visible against the sky. I could easily make out the metal underbelly of the machine. There was one light on each corner of the ship. It was so close I swear I could have touched it if I had reached out my hand.

I yelled at my roommate, "Barb! You've got to see this!" I ran down the outside stairs into the street with Barb running behind me. We looked up and it was right there! It didn't make a sound. It rocked gently like a leaf on the breeze. It followed the street, and although it was moving so very slowly, we still could not keep up with it. Within a few minutes it was way down the street. It's a funny thing, but when we got back to the apartment, we never mentioned it or talked about it. It was strange.

I watched the news that night, but no mention was made. But on the 11 o:clock news the following night, a statement was made, almost in passing, that UFOs had been spotted over Spokane.

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