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The Mad Scientist and Ghost Light of Patrick Road



My best friend, his older brother, and I went out a few of weeks ago for a cruise to seek out some haunted places. First, we went up to Patrick Road, a road where a scientist supposedly lived at one point who experimented on animals for military purposes and supposedly managed to fuse a bat and monkey together.

The creatures actually wander around up there. These creatures are known as "rebobs" and there are actually a lot of other stories centering around these supposedly existing creatures.

Personally, I have no idea if these creatures do exist, and we did not encounter them that night -- perhaps we just didn't go far enough. As soon as we got onto Patrick Road, I felt odd -- not a good kind of odd either.

While we were driving up the road (before we even gotten to the creepy part), we kept seeing flashes, very brief, only lasting half a second or so. Rick (my best friend's brother) was the first to point them out, but my best friend and I said we had seen them as well.

Finally, we managed to drive up to the field, or as we dubbed it, "the point of no return," mostly due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to turn around unless you get to the top of the road. Rick stopped the car and asked us if we wanted to keep going. My best friend and I agreed and soon the car rolled forward, up the hill and past "the point of no return."

We traveled about 100 feet or so when suddenly Rick stopped the car. While he had been driving, I noticed a light flickering ahead of us. He pointed at the light and said, "What's that?" The light itself, mind you, was off to the side of the road in the field.

We all began to get chills and Rick decided it was time to turn around. Very slowly, he began to turn. While he was busy turning the car, I continued to watch the light. I don't know if the other two saw it, but I swear I saw the light begin to flicker faster, then move toward the road. I quickly announced this, and Rick turned the car as fast as possible, then quickly began to zoom down the road.

As we were driving back down, Rick claimed he saw a man sitting on the side of the road, just looking across the field. The whole time we were driving away from Patrick Road, I felt chilled and rather anxious to just get away from there. We finally got off the road, and these feelings immediately evaporated. I felt relieved. When we returned home, we stayed up until the sun began to rise, too afraid to sleep. Even then, we all slept in the living room.

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