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Encounter with Mothman

An unknown creature terrifies two kids in a Virginia cornfield


In the mid-1960s, a mysterious creature that became known as Mothman frightened residents around Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Described as having large red eyes and enormous, silent wings, the creature has become legend in the area, and sightings are claimed to this very day. In the summer of 2005, Matt and his stepsister encountered something unknown, and they wonder if it was the Mothman monster. This is Matt’s story:

My stepsister Lynn and I were visiting her grandparents in Virginia. Her grandparents’ house is in the countryside with a 20-acre cornfield next to it. About 50 yards behind the house lays miles of forest.

The first night we were there, we were unpacking and getting ready to go to sleep. There was a bunk bed in the guest room, which our younger siblings were going to sleep in. There was a couch and a pull-out bed in the living room, which Lynn and I decided to sleep in. We were channel surfing on the TV, and we flipped to a show about urban legends in the United States. Since my stepsister and I have always been interested in paranormal happenings, we decided to stop and watch for a few minutes.

Something came on about a creature called “Mothman.” According to the show, sightings of Mothman were said to be mostly in Virginia (where we were) and Kentucky. So my stepsister and I looked at each other with our jaws dropped, because we always seemed to believe in these sorts of things.

The next morning, we were messing around with a soccer ball. My sister is on a soccer team, and she brings her soccer ball with her wherever she goes. My stepsister punted the ball into the cornfield.

“Oops,” she smiled.

We searched for hours and hours, but we could not find the ball, no matter how hard we looked. My sister was beside herself, because it was her favorite soccer ball.

Something returns the ball

The next night, Lynn, our siblings and I were all watching television in the living room. Suddenly, we heard a tremendous crash on the roof of the house. We all let out a yelp of terror and dashed under the hideaway bed’s covers. Then we heard footsteps – loud footsteps, as if something abnormally large was romping about on our roof.

Our parents came into the room with wide eyes and asked us if we had dropped or broke something, but froze when they too heard the footsteps on the roof.

My stepdad went over to the window and gazed out to the cornfield, which for some reason looked particularly ominous that night. As he looked, he saw our sister's soccer ball drop from the roof!

He looked down, not knowing quite what it was because it had fallen so quickly. He ran outside and brought the ball inside. My grabbed the ball, smiling from ear to ear, happy to have it back at last. My stepdad and mom went back into the other room, after saying goodnight.

Suddenly my sister looked at the ball and she frowned angrily. Furious, she yelled, “Look!” We all looked at the ball and saw four perfectly round holes in it. Two very large ones about the size of a quarter, and about half an inch from those holes were two little holes about the size of dimes. It gave me the chills. And suddenly I had a recollection of the show that Lynn and I had watched the previous night.

We looked at Josh and Ashley (our younger siblings) and told them to leave the room. Griping and groaning, they trudged off into their room. I looked at Lynn and said, “I know this sounds stupid, but could this be Mothman?”

She let out a snort and said, “Don't be stupid.”

Nothing else peculiar happened that night. But stranger things were yet to come….

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